What Investors Desire and Need in a Property Manager

Investors in the Kansas City Metropolitan Real Estate Rental Market are consistently searching for efficient, trustworthy property management companies that charge competitive rates and keep occupancy rates high. These are difficult challenges that require attentive diligence by the management firms. Finding long-term tenants that are committed to taking “ownership” of their unit can be quite cumbersome and is the reason why we require that each tenant is properly vetted through a thorough background and credit check. This not only reduces the liability of the property managers, it also reduces the liability for the investor. Tenants with little to no criminal background and good credit history are more likely to keep their unit clean, and maintained. They are also more likely to report any maintenance issues to management very quickly, which in turn leads to a reduction in overall deferred maintenance costs. These tenants are statistically proven to become long-term renters, helping to maximize cash flow and reduce vacancies. Simply put, finding the right tenant for each unit is the foundation of success for investors and their property management companies in the rental housing industry. The relationship that a property manager develops with the tenants they are servicing is key to… read more →