First Class Property Management

KCPMG provides its clients with outstanding real estate services.
Whether you’re seeking a property manager, remodel specialist,
or real estate agent, we can handle all of your needs.

What Sets KCPMG Apart:

– Just the right amount of communication – Industry leading technology
– Intuitive knowledge of the Market – Unmatched Pricing
– Professional and Efficient Work-flow Practices

About Us

At Kansas City Property Management Group, we strive to provide our customers with a wide range of the most exceptional real estate services. Our priority is our customer’s equity, whether you are an investor or an individual homeowner.

Need a Property Manager?
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Need a Licensed Contractor?
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Need a Handyman
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Need a Real Estate Agent?
We checked that box too!

We provide both our customers and our investor clients with the knowledge they require to make sound decisions.
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